Golden Crackle Paste 237ml

Golden Crackle Paste 237ml

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GOLDEN Crackle Paste gives artworks a cracking effect, patterning artworks for artists as it dries. The thickness of application will determine the extent and intensity of the crackling pattern achieved in your acrylic artworks!

GOLDEN Crackle Paste will dry to a matte finish and can be tinted with acrylic paints if desired (up to 10% mix). You can paint into the cracking paste before it dries for your painting to appear cracked, or you can paint over the Crackle Paste once it dries.

Apply GOLDEN Crackle Paste with a brush or a palette knife. Due to its structure, it can be applied in heavy layers without causing sagging.

Always apply GOLDEN Crackle Paste to pre-stretched and primed canvases. You can also apply a coat of medium or gel to your surface in order to increase the adhesion of your GOLDEN Crackle Paste. Always allow the medium or gel layer to dry before applying your Crackle Paste.

Sealing the surface of your Crackle Paste once done is important as it will improve the durability of your artwork, sealing the absorbent surface and penetrating into the cracks. This can be done with GAC500, a glazing liquid, or a soft gel. Once dry, the pattern will still be visible, and you can highlight the pattern with a glaze of colour if desired.

GOLDEN Crackle Paste is a water-based medium that can be easily cleaned up with soap and water

Golden Acrylic Medium Golden Crackle Paste 237ml
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