Custom Birch Boards

Due to popular demand ArtSmart is creating custom birch panels of all sizes up to 1220mm x 2440mm. We use A-grade 6.5mm thick birch panels with a secure sub-frame to ensure the panels are supported and can be easily framed with a regular canvas float frame once the artwork is complete. Birch provides a hard smooth surface for painting and can be primed with gesso. 

To order your birch panels please email us here. The normal turnaround time for these beautiful looking panels is 2 weeks, however ArtSmart will try to accommodate if there is a particular urgency. 

ArtSmart also stocks smaller birch board panels (without sub-frame and bracing) within our store. These smaller panels are available in various sizes and are ideal for testing the surface before committing to a larger board. 

Contact Us

ArtSmart prides themselves on working closely with interior designers and both locally and internationally recognized artists. All our customers rely on us to provide professional art advice and a framing service that is to the highest quality while remaining cost-effective. ArtSmart's staff are all friendly, professional and experienced in the use of the art materials that we sell and in all aspects of our custom picture framing services, so please contact us if you have any questions. Alternatively you can visit our store on Sydney's Northern Beaches to discuss your exciting projects face-to-face.

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