Canvas & Float Frame (Twin Pack)

Canvas & Float Frame (Twin Pack)

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ArtSmart's Canvas and Float Frame Twin Packs are our newest range on offer. Simply unscrew the canvas from the frame, create your artwork, and then re-assemble. It’s ready to go. Prices are for twin packs (i.e. 2 canvases with frames) and ArtSmart will provide all instructions on how to re-assemble.

These twin packs are beautifully produced using fully sustainable timber products and are aimed at professional artists with tight deadlines. They are produced to be budget conscious, allowing the artist to maximize their returns, while using professinal materials and providing peace of mind that the product has been produced with the least impact on our environment at its core. Currently only available with a beautiful pale timber frame (Flooded Gum), however other framing options will become available soon.


  • Produced as a Twin Pack – canvas and float frames are safer to transport when bundled 2 together, packed face-to-face. The price displayed is the combined price for both canvases and frames in the twin pack.
  • Production - ArtSmart will start production on orders within 48 hours after the order has been received and the completed canvas and frames are generally ready within 2 weeks (larger orders may take slightly longer).
  • Float Frame – our float frame (Flooded Gum) is a sustainable hardwood milled to 8mm wide on the front face and 45mm deep on the side. We leave a 5mm gap between the canvas and the frame which means that the overall frame size is approximately 26mm larger than the canvas. 
  • Fitting - The Canvases can be easily unscrewed from the frame, painted on, and then positioned and screwed back into the frame. We will provide spacers and instructions to assist you in repositioning the artwork in the frame.
  • Orientation and Hanging - we will pre-drill locations for d-rings (required for most galleries) and for the string connections in both a landscape and portrait orientation (when rectangular). D-rings and string will be included and with instructions on the best way to fit.
  • Returns – please check canvases and frames on collection or delivery and any damaged items will be replaced at ArtSmart’s cost. We unfortunately can’t accept returns after you have taken possession of the frames or if you change your mind after production has started on your order.
  • Sizes – our sizes are in millimetres. If we don't have your size listed then please contact us for a quote. See conversion chart below.
  • Shipping - Shipping around Australia. Pickup in store is preferable: 50 Ethel Street, Seaforth, NSW 2092. 


  • Float Frame – Flooded Gum (Eucalyptus Grandis) is a hardwood that is bleached to a pale timber colour. Our flooded gum is grown sustainably and with FSC certification. The frames are cut and hand joined by our professional staff usings under pins and cross pins to ensure maximum joining strength.
  • Canvas – 10oz 100% Indian cotton canvas hand stretched for each canvas. The cotton is Double Primed with a titanium white acrylic gesso and has a medium tooth finish.
  • Stretcher Bar - 32mm deep pine. Plantation grown and FSC Certified. Bars are cut and under pinned inhouse. 
  • Bracing – the medium to large canvases are braced appropriately, based on their size, using plantation grown and FCS certified pine. The bracing is critical to ensure the canvases are robust and will not warp under normal conditions. 

Thank You for Supporting Sustainable!


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