School Art Fundraising Events

Every year ArtSmart works with our local schools on their Art Fundraising Auction events. Bring in your class art project ideas and we will help it come to life by assisting you with all the material selection and then framing the final artwork at a special discounted school price. We can supply all your needs to create a winning fundraising piece for your children’s school. Less sleepless nights for the organisers and a more cost effective, valuable artwork to sell on auction night.

Material Suggestions

  • Acrylic paints
  • Oil Pastels/ Chalk Pastels on paper (can look especially striking on dark paper)
  • Water-soluble pencils or water-soluble oil pastels on paper. Image is initially drawn on. A wash of water is then added turning the pigment into a beautiful semi-transparent paint. (Damp cotton buds can be used by younger kids)
  • Watercolours: kids can draw a base drawing with pencil/permanent pens with washes of colour laid over the top in layers.
  • Black ink on watercolour paper (wear protective clothing)
  • Canvas – select an already stretched canvas and glue (using Gel Medium) individual artworks onto the canvas surface.

ArtWork Size Recommendations

If mounting and framing work; Try to keep the art within 60 x 80 cm. Standard size of a matboard is 80 cm x 1m (but allow for borders of at LEAST 5 cm all around). Going above this size will require oversized matboards which increases framing costs.

You can use a standard sheet of watercolour paper (56x76cm) for the base of your work if creating a “single image.”

Layout Suggestions

Getting each child to create an individual piece allows a group of students to work at the same time and having each child’s artwork the same size creates a uniform appearance that also simplifies the framing process.

If you are creating a work that is a ”single image” in its layout, consider getting each child to create their piece on a separate piece of paper. Cut them out individually and glue/collage onto the artwork. A sheet of watercolour paper can be an effective base. 

Tip: If you have time, get each child to draw two versions of each image, that way you can use the best one in the final work.

Window mounting is an effective “neat and simple” way to present individual artworks together as a cohesive piece. The matboard has multiple cut out “windows” in a grid formation and each child’s artwork sits behind a single window.

For a class of say 30, each square should be approx 10-12cm across (5 images across, 6 down).

Ideally allow for 15-20 mm of mat board showing between each window. Please note that multiple window mounts are not suitable for 3D works. 

Tip: If your student numbers do not correspond with a workable amount of rows, consider; asking the teacher to create a piece, adding a title window or other text or adding the school logo.

Popular Frame Choices

White (Modern and clean.) Black (A classic style…tried and trusted)

Wood (natural, white wash or dark) or silver (less popular but works well on the right artwork)

Tip: To lower framing costs, make sure that, if using 3D objects, they don’t sit more than 15mms higher than the base surface.

TURN AROUND TIME for the picture framing service is normally 3 weeks unless prior arrangement is made. 

Some Other Options

Each child creates their own artwork for the school to sell individually.

Eg an; Animal, Sea creature, Parent, Self-portrait, Love heart.

We provide a choice of 3 frames at a heavily discounted price and framed artworks are on-sold for the normal retail price. The difference in price then goes towards fundraising. This has been a big success in other schools.

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