Tony Belobrajdic

Tony Belobrajdic Art Class

Tony will be running 3 classes (3hrs each) every week. Mon 10 am - 1 pm,  Tue  1 - 4 pm and Sat 10am - 1 pm. 
Subject photos will be emailed to students every Friday for a whole week ( 3 subject photos ). If you wish to join a particular class then you can email Tony and he will provide a Invitation link prior to the start of the class. Click on it and you are in.
Sessions will be recorded and Tony will provide the recording after the class so that you can re-watch at your leisure, pause, rewind¦etc. 

Classes will vary in subjects, complexity, painting technique and painting medium (he will introduce graphite and wash class, acrylic class, maybe even oils later on ). 
For now classes will be Watercolours only. Every Class will have a different subject. To make it even more interesting Tony has introduced a few Types of classes.
Type 1: Architectural / maritime / occasional still life. Tony may include some instructions with the subject photo but this is more like a basic class where the subject photo is not manipulated but painted as is . The result will be more Illustrative than Artistic. 
Type 2: In this class the students will turn the subject photo into Art.  For that they will use two subject photos and combine them ( Eg cows in a boat). Tony will prepare graphite study sketch before the students start painting. This class does not required a greater painting skill but rather an open mind to approach and some creativity. 
Type 3: Quick 30min  watercolour sketches - more like travel style paintings. Smaller in size, maybe A4 max. Three per session. Something different to break up the long 3 hour sessions working on one painting.
Type 4: Portraits - Probably most exciting. Why?¦because they are difficult and challenging and that is how life is?  

After the class you can share your paintings with Tony and he will be available to discuss the paining over the phone or email for up to 2 days post the class.

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