Staedtler Permanent Markers Metallic 5 Pack

These Staedtler Permanent Markers come in metallic colours making them ideal for use in scrapbooking, card making and more. The ink is water based so it dries quickly and can be used to achieve metallic effects on either light or dark paper. Each marker has a rounded tip so you can lightly or firmly press on the nib for varying line widths.
  • The markers each have a rounded tip with a line width of between 1-2 mm.
  • These markers can be used on paper, card, glass and even clay.
  • The ink is water based and can easily be wiped off smooth surfaces such as glass and mirrors.
  • Each marker has a clip so you can easily attach them to notebooks or clothes for taking on the go.
  • There are 5 assorted Coloured Markers in this pack, including silver, gold, purple, green and blue.

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