Nitram Acadamie Fusains Square stick Charcoal - HB Pack of 5


Nitram produces its charcoal using a unique process that maintains the wood's cell structure which increases the charcoal's durability and helps prevent breakage. Nitram charcoal doesn't break like willow or vine do, and feels much less brittle.

Because of its solid strength, the charcoal can be sharpened to a fine point with the Nitram Shapening Bloc. Also you produce less dust when working expressively. The charcoal allows for deep dark shades while still being easily erased for luminous light effects.

The Nitram Acadamie Fusains HB is a medium soft charcoal and excellent for drawing and sketching. Nitram HB's superior hold is perfect for homogenizing tones and retaining tonal detail.

Box contains 5 square charcoal stick.

Each stick is approximately 152mm long and 5mm wide.

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