Masterson Sta-Wet Painter's Palette #912


The Masterson Sta-Wet Painter's Pal is ideal an ideal palette for acrylic and oil painters. It is designed to save paint wastage and maintain mixed colours so they are useable for days.

A special sponge, when moistened and combined with the Acrylic Palette Film maintains a moist atmosphere inside. The palette includes five film sheetss, one sponge sheet and 6 airtight storage cups. Five of the storage cups have detachable lids and are designed for use with paint. The sixth storage cup is made of thick plastic, has an attached lid and is designed for storing solvents. The palette also has an area for brush storage, beneath the removable cup holder tray. Comes with complete instructions for preparation and use.

Inner Size: 13" x 12" (33 x 30.5cm)

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