Langridge Underpainting Medium

Langridge Underpainting Medium

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Lean medium used for the ‘first-sketch’ in oil painting.

Low oil content for rapid drying, minimises chances of cracking when over-painting with full strength colours.


Stand Oil (40 Poise), Distilled Gum Turpentine, Alkali Refined Linseed Oil, Cobalt Drier.

Product Application

Langridge Underpainting Medium may be added to oil colours in quantities at the discretion of the artist.

Initially small additions will purely aid the flow qualities of existing oil colours. As more medium is added to the oil colour, the transparency will be increased due to the further dispersion of the pigment throughout the medium.

In accordance with all Langridge Painting Mediums, Underpainting Medium is formulated with a proportion of oil to solvent that can be used unrestrictedly in glazes and washes without risking under-binding the pigment from the oil.

A film of 100% Underpainting Medium will dry to a stable, non-yellowing, non-reversible layer.

After 15 minutes under normal conditions of applying Langridge Underpainting Medium the surface will set-up to a tack that grabs any succeeding brush strokes. Langridge Underpainting Mediums stay wet for a much shorter period than Langridge Painting Mediums and are best employed for successive layering rather than a wet-in-wet technique.

Langridge Underpainting Medium has a low oil content and, as such, is a ‘lean’ medium.

It should not to be used for over-painting very fat or slow drying layers of paint. 

Dries to a satin finish.

Langridge Underpainting Medium
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