Jo Sonja's All Purpose Sealer 250ml

Jo Sonja's All Purpose Sealer 250ml

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Jo Sonja’s All Purpose Sealer is a pure acrylic medium that result in great adhesion for your surfaces. It’s a durable and versatile surface sealer that can be used to seal most surfaces in preparation for painting with acrylic paints.

Jo Sonja’s All Purpose Sealer is a great primer for surfaces which require sealing without 'tooth' or opaque colour. Suitable for use on wood, tin & other metals, glass, unglazed bisque, terracotta, cards, paper, and fibreboard. This All Purpose Sealer will also assist paint adhesion to unusual surfaces such as soaps and candles. A light sanding is recommended to promote adhesion of paint to any surface.

Note that Jo Sonja’s All Purpose Sealer is a primer, not a finishing varnish. If used as a varnish it may become tacky in warm weather and cause surfaces to stick together, so it is not recommended for this application.

Directions for use:

  • Apply full strength to wood or dilute 1:1 with Clear Glaze Medium or Flow Medium. Using Jo Sonja’s All Purpose Sealer undiluted may result in a surface being too slick to paint on for some surface types. Once dry, sand as needed before painting.
  • All Purpose Sealer is not recommended if you are staining a surface. Instead, a coat of Clear Glaze Medium is recommended for surfaces to be stained.
  • To create a one-step basecoat, mix paint with Jo Sonja’s All Purpose Sealer in a rough ratio of 2 parts colour to 1 part All Purpose Sealer. The amount of All Purpose Sealer may be increased up to equal parts if desired. Sand when dry and apply a second coat of paint with or without the addition of sealer, depending on your technique.
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