Fabriano Watercolour Postcards 148 x 105mm 300gsm 20 Sheets - Medium (Cold Pressed)

This Fabriano Watercolour pad contains 20 postcard-sized sheets of high quality watercolour paper for creating your own stunning personalised postcards or small paintings for framing. Each postcard features an address pane on the reverse side so you can actually post away your beautiful works to family and friends. 

Made from a combination of 25% cotton and cellulose, it is internally and externally sized for optimal absorbtion of colours and will not buckle or warp with the moisture. Ideal for use with watercolour but is also suitable for ink, gouache, drawing and printing. Each sheet is a sturdy 300gsm weight and cold pressed giving it a distinguished textured finish that works so well with watercolour. 

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