Derwent Graphitone Watersoluble Sticks

Derwent Graphitone Watersoluble Sticks

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Derwent Watersoluble Graphitone Sticks are round extra-long (180mm) large woodless pencils. They are made of pure artist quality watersoluble graphite that are encased in a unique easy peel paper wrapper. You can use it like a pencil, break off pieces to create broad expressive strokes.

Additionally as the graphite is watersoluble you can add water and watch the graphite dissolve to achieve dramatic lines and wash effects.

Derwent Watersoluble Graphitone Sticks are so flexible, offering a multitude of possibilites to experiment in your sketching and drawing. Try them now to see new ways to creatively express yourself. Choose from four wash strengths from a light to a very dark wash.

Derwent Pencil Derwent Graphitone Watersoluble Sticks
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