Derivan Concertina Style Sketchbook

Derivan Concertina Style Sketchbook

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Thick 350gsm medium texture acid free watercolour paper

Artists and Designers books are a work of art in itself.  Create a dynamic storybook piece with your illustrations, text, collage.  Span and Connect your ideas in one continuous format rather than separate sections or record a landscape, cityscape or seascape in one panoramic view.

A unique version of the traditional illustrated Japanese scroll (Emakimono) used in the 16th century, this Concertina style sketchbook is finished with two heavy black cloth covered covers and an elastic fastener to easily keep it safe for transport and storage.  Manufactured with medium weight (350gsm) textured watercolour paper, this sketchbook is suitable for all drawing (pencil, charcoal, pastels, markers) and water-based media (ink, watercolour, gouache), the A6 size features one long sheet of paper folded into 16 workable pages, and the A5 size features one long sheet of paper folded into 12 workable pages.

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