Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith Hand Poured Watercolour Half Pan Set of 6


The Daniel Smith Artist Watercolors Half Pan Sets Are Perfect For Travel, Plein Air Painting, Urban Sketching, And Ideal For Experimenting With Unique Color Combinations In Watercolour.

The Pans Offer The Same Professional Artists Quality And Exceptional Lightfastness As The Tube Range But In A Easily Transportable Pan Set. They Contain Highly Ground Pigments And Carry The Highest Pigment Load Of Any Watercolor On The Market.

Using A Special Process This  Handcrafted And Hand Poured Technique Is A  Long, Labor-Intensive Process That Results In The Purest Form Of Professional Watercolor Pans.

The sets created include the following:

  • Colours of Inspiration, 6 colours
  • Floral - Cottage Gardens to Botanicals Set, 6 colours 
  • Blues - Serene to Dramatic Set, 6 colours
  • Sketcher Set, 6 colours



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