Charbonnel Black Etching Ball Ground

Charbonnel Black Etching Ball Ground

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Select either the Soft or Hard Black Ball of Etching Ground (solid)

Etching grounds are used to cover the etching plate, making it resistant during etching. Etching additives, like oils are mixed with ink to affect viscosity, brightness and colour in printing.

Soft grounds protect the plate. They are non-drying grounds, applied with a painting dabber or roller. Textures and materials pressed into their non-drying surface will lift off, leaving the metal bared, ready for the bite of the acid. The plate must be heated before application. The "Pencil Method" consists of drawing with a hard point on "laid" paper applied over the soft ground. The paper sticks to the drawn parts. After the bite of the acid, a pencil stroke effect is obtained.

Hard Grounds can be wrapped in a material filter and rubbed on the pre-heated metal plate to obtain an even surface before smoking. Once the ground is applied and dry, a picture can be drawn with a hard point in order to expose the metal beneath the ground. The matt black finish obtained makes etching work very clear. 

Charbonnel Black Etching Ball Ground
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