Atelier Slow Medium 250ml

Atelier Slow Medium 250ml

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Interactive Medium: For slow drying wet-in-wet techniques. Use only with Atelier Interactive.

Mix with Atelier Interactive to extend wet-in-wet blending time, increase translucency and improve flow.

Paint mixed with Slow Medium will still dry quickly however it is very easily made workable again with a water sprayer or wet brush.

Use in any ratio with the paint to achieve the desired consistency and translucency. Useful for glazing and other techniques requiring thinner paint and longer working time. Thin paint usually dries fastest but Slow Meduim makes it possible to keep the paint workable with a water sprayer.

Once the medium has been added to a paint layer it is better to use a water sprayer to extend blending time, rather than adding more meduim. If too much medium is added the paint may become tacky and very slow to dry and cure.

Slow Medium makes easy to re-wet touch dry paint so before overpainting with a glaze or varnish, seal the layer with Atelier Binder Medium or Fast Medium/Fixer.

Clean up with mild soap & cool water. Water based non toxic.

Atelier Medium Atelier Slow Medium 250ml
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