Atelier Satin Varnish

Atelier Satin Varnish

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Low viscosity products made from hard acrylic emulsion. Can be used as an over-varnish for Atelier Interactive and other traditional acrylic paints. To use as a varnish over an Interactive painting, seal with 2 coats of Fast Medium/Fixer before varnishing. They are non-removable, however they can be over painted. The acrylic varnish may be mixed with acrylics as a low viscosity medium to change the sheen levels or to dilute for glazing. Atelier Interactive will dry fast and waterproof if used in this way.

The satin finish contains a matting agent and the container needs to be shaken before use to make sure it is evenly suspended. For full bottles: remove some varnish so you can shake the contents easily, then return to the full bottle before using.

Satin varnishes should not be diluted with turpentine because the ratio of matting agent within the varnish is critical to maintain a true satin finish. Adding turpentine will increase the sheen, however for a satin/gloss finish we recommend diluting the gloss varnish as described above.


Atelier Satin Varnish
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