Atelier Liquid Gesso Primer

Atelier Liquid Gesso Primer

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Atelier Gesso Primer is a water-based, flexible acrylic ground with a high grit content.

Designed to provide a stable white surface on which to paint.

Atelier Gesso may be used directly from the container for all over thick textural effects.

Gesso works for both acrylic and oil paintings to provide good paint adhesion and prevents loss of moisture.

Dries white.

Gesso can be used directly from the container with no dilution required. However, for a more economically and a physically easier application resulting in a more even finish, apply 2-3 thinner coats mixed with water.

Preparing and priming your own painting canvas puts you in control and ensures the best possible foundation for your paintings. A quality acrylic foundation is the best start you can give to an acrylic painting or oil painting.

Apply to canvases, boards and similar surfaces prior to painting with acrylics or oils.

Atelier Liquid Gesso Primer
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