Art Spectrum

Art Spectrum Artist's Gouache - Set of 6 with 16 well Plastic Watercolour palette


Art Spectrum Gouache is a quick-drying, waterbased paint of excellent opacity with a consistent, velvety finish. During production, all paints are carefully triple-milled to ensure maximum brilliance and even distribution of pigments. Concentrated pigment colour ensures a little goes a long way.

Art Spectrum Gouache can be used in a variety of ways. Dilute with water for watercolour-like effects, use for precise and detailed line work, or use in combination with watercolours, soft pastels, pigmented inks and various types of dry media.

Art Spectrum gouache is extremely economical to use ;œ small amounts cover large areas. Dried paint on the palette is rewettable, minimising wastage.

6x22.5ml tubes

  • Primary Red
  • Primary Yellow
  • Primary Blue
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Black
  • White

Comes with a small palette with 16 small wells, two medium and one large.  As well as a small sponge.

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