Archival Oils Odourless Classic Medium

Archival Oils Odourless Classic Medium

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Archival Classic Medium can be mixed with oil paints to slow down the painting process. If you are an artist who likes to slow down the drying time of oils and have them workable for longer, the Archival Classic Medium is for you. It allows longer working time for over painting, glazing and wet on wet techniques.

Archival Classic Medium has a slower drying time than Archival Fat Medium due to it containing stand oil. It is also perfect for the artist who wants to work with a thinner paint and creating translucent layers in the painting. Mix with translucent oils paints for the best effect. The slower drying time allows control for detailing or time to manipulate you work to achieve the desired effect.

Once dry Archival Classic Medium will provide a rich luminous finish. Clean up of your brushes is easy, simply use Archival Odourless Solvents.

Archival Oils Medium Archival Oils Odourless Classic Medium
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