Royal Talens

Amsterdam All Acrylics Standard Series

$83.50 $87.50

24 x 20ml tubes of Acrylic paint.

Amsterdam Standard series offers everything an acrylic painter needs. an excellent-quality acrylic paint and an enormous range of colours.

Ease of use. 

  • The paint can be thinned easily with water,
  • short drying time: thin films of paint dry within half an hour,
  • the specific preparation method makes the paint practically odourless


The Characteristics

  • A very high level of lightfastness, thanks to the use of pure and non-fading pigments, even after several decades the works of art retain their original colour.
  • An exceptionally durable paint film (the binding agent consists of 100% acrylic resin), for an everlasting result.
  • Alkali resistant, and consequently suitable for wall paintings.
  • Titanium white,
  • Naples Yellow Deep,
  • Naples Yellow Red,
  • Azo Yellow Lemon,
  • Primary Yellow,
  • Azo Yellow Medium,
  • Vermilion,
  • Pyrrole Red,
  • Carmine,
  • Primary Magenta,
  • Permanent Red Violet,
  • Permanent Blue Violet,
  • Ultramarine,
  • Primary Cyan,
  • Brilliant Blue,
  • Turquoise Blue,
  • Yellowish Green,
  • Permanent Green Light,
  • Permanent Green Deep,
  • Sap Green,
  • Yellow Ochre,
  • Burnt Sienna,
  • Burnt Umber,
  • Oxide Black,

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