10 Step Watercolour Flowers Book

10 Step Watercolour Flowers Book

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Knowing how to start is sometimes the hardest part of a creative journey. 10 Step Watercolour Books are the perfect place to begin for any aspiring artist, illustrator or painter.

10 Step Watercolour Flowers Book will teach you how to turn a blank page into a fully formed flower painting in ten easy steps. Each painting starts with simple shapes and guide lines, building at each step to turn basic shapes into an accurate flower drawing. Add washes of colour to take your artwork to the next level.

10 Step Watercolour Flowers Book is divided into three chapters based on skill level. Work your way from start to finish to become a pro. Each project includes paint swatches, so you know which colours to use to create your masterpieces. Various painting techniques are covered throughout the book to assist with your learning.

Learn how to paint a tulip, magnolia, bunny ears cactus and a passionflower, there are over 25 gorgeous flowers to choose from.

10 Step Watercolour Flowers Book
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