Student Draw and Wash Pack

$24.95 $28

This pack has been designed with Students in mind, providing all the tools to sketch, colour and finish multiple artworks

Pack includes the following:

1 x Staedtler Set of 12  Noris Aquarell Watercolour Pencils plus a paint brush. Designed especially for use by Students: The white Anti-Break-System A•B•S surrounds the lead like a protective coat and increases the level of break resistance. The smooth, soft performance offers particularly colour-intensive results.

1 x Staedtler Tradition 2B Pencil

1 x Art Spectrum Draw & Wash Paper Pad - A5, 125gsm, 30 Chlorine and Acid free sheets. This Art Spectrum Draw and Wash Pad is a versatile option for drawing, painting and creating. You can use both wet and dry techniques on the paper, making it ideal for mixed media artworks.

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