Derivan Liquid Pencil 40ml

Derivan Liquid Pencils have a unique formulation allowing you to implement graphite pencil effects and pencil sketches using a liquid. They can easily be thinned with water or painting mediums so you can apply the colour with a brush, nib or other paint tool. Each colour in this pack comes in a permanent and a rewettable formula so you can experiment with various techniques.
  • The colour can be applied with a brush, nib and more.
  • The formulas in this pack vary between permanent and rewettable so you can achieve different effects.
  • Available in the Following colours - Grey 9, Grey 3, Yellow, Blue, Red and Sepia.
  • Each Liquid Pencil contains 40ml of colour.

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  • Grey 9

  • Grey 3

  • Blue

  • Sepia

  • Red

  • Yellow


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