117 Alvaro Castagnet Squirrel Mop Brush


The 117 range was designed using the finest Kazan squirrel hair in the traditional French wire bound mop style. A soft and generally dark coloured hair, particularly suitable for watercolour since it carries a lot of fluid. Submerge in water for at least 30 seconds for the brush to become fully loaded. This is the signature brush of Alvaro Castagnet one of the worlds most respected watercolourists. Alvaro is an inspirational and expressive watercolourist who teaches world wide. He designed this brush to have LONGER HAIR and a FINER POINT for that ESSENTIAL BALANCE. To me a great brush is one that allows you to dance on the paper, the one that is flexible but at the same time shows sensitivity and character in every stroke with lots of passion - Alvaro Castagnet

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