At ArtSmart we run a range of inspiring art classes and workshops with renowned Australian artists and art teachers. The classes are conveniently located directly under our huge art supply shop and inside our very own art gallery. Our classes are a wonderful creative haven for artists of all levels of experience. And of course, to get started with your art classes, we have all the art supplies you’ll need right upstairs! See below, the list of art teachers currently holding classes at ArtSmart. If you wish to discuss any of the available art classes then either call us or contact the art teacher directly. 

Guy Troughton Watercolour Classes

Discover all the fundamentals & learn new techniques. Explore colour, light & atmosphere.
Create striking compositions. Friendly small classes. Suitable for beginners, continuing & advanced students.

Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays 10 – 12.30pm
*(Tuesday evenings may also be offered, depending on numbers)

*Students receive a student discount on art supplies at ArtSmart artstore

Tony Belobrajdic - Watercolours Impressionistic Style

Learn how to paint quick and expressive watercolours with fewer brush strokes, using  limited palette, oversimplifying shapes and avoiding adding too many details. We will learn how to paint directly with brush without pencil sketching before. This approach is fun, quick and gives painting that fresh and spontaneous look.

Mondays 10 - 1 pm  / Tuesdays 1 - 4 pm  / 9 weeks per Term

Kirsty Neilson

Kid’s art class for 9-15 year olds on a Thursday afternoon from  4-5:30pm.

The kids learn a variety of things and paint/draw in different ways as well as learn new skills every week.  The subject matter varies from landscape, portraiture, animals, still life, plants, street images etc. and most mediums including acrylics, pencil, graphite, charcoal, ink, watercolour, pastel and chalk. Kirsty keeps the classes interesting, so there is always rotating materials and the kids often take something home every week.

Any enquires please email 

Cost: $28 per class plus a supplies fee of $40 per term as Kirsty provides all the supplies.

*Students receive a student discount on art supplies at ArtSmart artstore

Katherine Edney

After school Portrait Classes for Kids.

Starting February 2020, 8-12 year olds on Wednesday afternoons from
4 – 5.30pm

Children learn how to create portraits with a variety of mediums including charcoal, coloured pencil and acrylic paint. The workshop involves different ways of seeing and approaching portraits, especially exploring the ‘Self’. Katherine encourages these young artists to nurture their own creativity, whilst demonstrating techniques with each medium.   

*Note: Start time is flexible depending on where children are coming from after school.

All enquiries please email:

Cost: $32 per class based on school terms. All materials provided.  

*Students receive a student discount on art supplies at ArtSmart artstore

Petra Pinn

Petra's classes areideal for beginners or the advanced student and are designed to:
-simplify the painting process
- loosen up and work freely and quickly
-to show a new way to see shapes and colour
-to encourage students to develop their own individual style
-to experiment with different techniques and materials
-keep learning something new as each term will be different
"My intention is for students to learn new techniques and develop their own style, while having fun and expressing yourself creatively." 
Friday's with Petra: 10-12:30
cost: $350/term (8 week term), materials not included, a material list is available at time of booking  *Students receive a student discount on art supplies at ArtSmart art-store
Please contact Petra on 0425 317 277 or email .com  



Eleanor Amiradaki

Eleanor’s workshops/ classes aim to nurture every child's unique artistic talents, develop concepts, build their confidence and grow their artistic skill set whilst having fun! Students are taught to draw from their imagination and from life to create portraits, landscapes, still life, patterns and more. All materials are provided. 

All enquiries contact

Ages 9-15  $350/term (10 weeks)

Instagram @eleanoramiradaki

Eleanor Amiradaki

Eleanor Amiradaki